Dog Walking


Group walks are exclusively for small to medium size dogs

Individual walks are available for larger, older, infirm or unsociable dogs


If you're struggling to walk your dog for whatever reason then don't worry because your answer if right here.  Here at Wooftidoos only small groups of small to medium size dogs are taken out at any one time.  If you have a larger breed or older, infirm or unsociable dog then individual walks are available.

There is a free consultation for every client to assess your needs.  All dogs will be kept on a lead for the first few walks until trust and recall between myself and the dog has built up and then a form has to be signed by the owner to agree permission to allow their dog offlead.  

Towels will be used to dry and clean your dog so you don't return to muddy paw prints in your home.  Plenty of fresh water will be available and of course with your permission treats will be given to encourage good behaviour, recall and trust.

If you think your dog would prefer its own company then individual walks are available or if your dog would prefer a quieter walk with just a little socialisation then I can arrange to take one of my own small friendly dogs out with yours but don't worry, yours will still receive lots of exercise, fuss and attention just like all the others!

Finally if your dog doesn't like travelling in vehicles then that's no problem because I can road walk your dog around your neighbourhood or if there is somewhere to let your dog off the lead within walking distance then that's even better.

All walks last at least 1 hour but your dog will be out of the house for at least 1 1/2 hours or more due to travelling, walking, giving water and towelling down times.  If your dog needs a shorter walk due to its age or other restrictions then these can also be arranged.

All walks last a full hour unless otherwise arranged. No time is taken off the walk for transport to and from locations, towelling down etc.

Your dog will be transported in a fully equipped vehicle which is NOT a van.  Each customer's dog has its own safe and secure compartments and the vehicle as air conditioning, windows and a sun roof for hot days. Because I don't use a van I am able to monitor the safety of the dogs in transport at all times.

I can arrange to collect your dog from home or from your place of work.  All dog walks are located at a safe area away from traffic and other hazards in and around Blackpool.

I want all dogs that come out with Wooftidoos to enjoy their walk and go home happy, exercised and stress free.  Your dogs will love the variety of the walks that are offered and will return home happy and tired out!