Price List

Dog Walking

£8.00 for one dog on a group walk for a full 1 hour's walk - for small to medium size dogs only.

£14.00 for an individual solo walk for a full 1 hour's walk with or without my own dog(s)

£8.00 for a full 30 minute individual solo road walk.

Discount given for bookings of 5 days.

If you have more than one dog you would like walking there is an additional £6.00 charge per dog.

Walks are available Monday-Friday from 8am

Dogs must be neutered or remain on lead and females in season are not able to be walked for 3 weeks during this time.

Please note that all walks last the stated time given - time is never cut short for towelling off dogs, supplying water, transporting them to and from the walks and resettling back home

Pet Sitting & Home Visits

£8.00 for a 30 minute visit.

£14.00 for a full 1 hour visit including a 30 minute road walk.

There is a £6.00 additional charge for more than one dog.

All prices are for the service you need - petrol costs, driving to and from walk locations, treats given on walks and hugs are FREE!